Sunday, July 3, 2011



(35) Ones who believe that Allah is in His creation, that He is everywhere.

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(41) The Jahmiyyah said that “Istawa” on the Throne means “IstawLa” on the Throne, which means: conquered or overcame the Throne.

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(51) Kitab Al-Arsh by Adh-Dhahabi (2 /342) , Ad-Dhahabi said – after mentioning the verses of poetry by Al-Karji on Allah’s Elevation on the Throne - : “Currently there are copies of it there, from it is a copy with the handwriting of Shaikh Taqi Ad-Deen Ibn As-Salah, at the begining of it is written: ‘This is the Creed of Ahl Assunnah and Ashab Al-Hadeeth’, with his handwriting – Rahimahullah-.” ; Adh-Dhahabi mentioned the same in his book “AL-Uluw” when speaking about the poetry of Al- Karji.

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(54) What Al-Qurtubi rahimahullah meant by direction ( jiha) is the word: fawq (above), he didn’t mean that they used the word “direction” but they used the word “ above” meaning the direction above, so the meaning of his statement is: “And the first Salaf –May Allah be pleased with them- did not negate that Allah is above, nor did they utter that He is not above, Rather, they, and the rest, uttered in affirmation of aboveness for Allah –Ta`ala.”, and this interpretation is in accordance with what we have provided from the authentic statements of the Salaf in this article.

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(59) `Aridat Al-Ahwathi Sharh Sahih At-Tirmidhi by Abu Bakr Ibn Al-Arabi (3 /166)... He is not Ibn Arabi who advocated the belief in whdat al-wujud