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This day I hav perfected ur religion for u and completed My favor upon u and have approved for u Islam as religion.

[The Glorious Quran: Chap. 5 - Al-Maa'ida h: Verse3 ]

There is nothing that would bring you closer to Jannah and farther from the Fire but it has been clarified [by me] to you.

[Muhammad Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam: Reported in Masnad Ahmad]

A very interesting dialogue that reveals the reality of Celebrating the Birthday (Mawlid) of the Prophet SallAllaho Alyhe Wasallam!

Characters : Two Muslims

Meeladi: Pro Mawlid Celebrations

Muwahhid: True follower of Quran and Sunnah (as interprete d by the early generation s of the Salaf-us-S aliheen)

Meeladi: Assalamual aikum.

Muwahhid: Wa’alaikum assalaam. How come you are here so early? Haven’t you gone to the shop today?

Meeladi: Today is Eid-Milaad -un-Nabi. Most shops and markets are closed.

Muwahhid: Ahan! So you are celebrating Eid today!

Meeladi: Why? Aren’t you celebrating?

Muwahhid: Well, actually there are only two Eids in Islam; Eid Al-Fitar and Eid-ul-Adh a.

Meeladi: There is this third Eid as well which is called ‘ Eid Milaad-un- Nabi.’

Muwahhid: Hmmm, tell me one thing, for this third Eid… do people go on this Eid day to Eid Ground for performing Eid prayer?

Meeladi: No, there is no prayer for Eid Milaad-un- Nabi.

Muwahhid: Then why do you perform prayers for the rest of the two Eids?

Meeladi: Because those have to be performed.

Muwahhid: Why?

Meeladi: Because those have been prescribed to be performed.

Muwahhid: Isn’t there any order for performing the prayer of Eid Milaad-un- Nabi?

Meeladi: Well I guess there won’t be any… that’s why no one performs it.

Muwahhid: Is there any order anywhere for celebrating the Eid Milaad-un- Nabi?

Meeladi: In fact have never heard of any order, but it is not even prohibited .

Muwahhid: Is the prayer for this Eid prohibited ?

Meeladi: Well even that’s not prohibited !

Muwahhid: Then why don’t you perform it?

Muwahhid: Then why don’t you perform it?

Meeladi: What do you want to say?

Muwahhid: What I want to tell you is that there is no proof for this Eid in Islam. Had this Eid been part of Islam then just like the other two Eids there would have been a prayer for it, its virtues would have been mentioned in ahadith, Rasool Allah Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam would have described and elaborated its instructions and rulings.

Meeladi: Does that mean that people who celebrate it are mistaken?

Muwahhid: Islam is not the name of actions of Muslims ( what they do or do not do), Islam is the name of Quran and Hadith… whatever is proven as per Quran and Hadith is part of Deen, and whatever is not proven is not part of Deen. If anyone makes it part of Deen then they are adding something to the original Deen and this is a grave sin, this is what is termed as ‘Bid’ah’.

Rasool Allah Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam seriously warned his Ummah against Bid’ah.

Meeladi: Didn’t anyone celebrate this Eid during the times of the Companions (Sahaba) and their followers ( Taba’een) ?

Muwahhid: Not at all. Never. Not even any Imam or Muhaddith did celebrate this Eid after the Sahaba and Taba’een. The four Imams of Ahlul Sunnah never even heard of the name of this Eid.

Meeladi: How can this be possible that a Muslim loves Rasool Allah Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam but at the same time lets his birthday pass by silently?

Muwahhid: Well that’s possible and has actually been the case as well. You can never prove from any historic account that any of the Sahaba, Taba’een, and Imams of the Salaf (righteous predecesso rs) ever celebrated this Eid. The real proof of the love for Rasool Allah SallAllaho Alyhe Wasallam is establishe d by following the Quran and Sunnah, not be celebrating this Eid.

Meeladi: Christians celebrate the birth of their Prophet as Christmas (Eid-e-Mil aad), our Prophet is the most esteemed of all, then why shouldn’t we Muslims celebrate the birth of our Prophet???

Muwahhid: Well Christians also call their Prophet as son of God, should then we also call our Prophet as God or son of God just imitating the Christians ?

My dear brother! This is why Quran and Hadith have termed the Christians as misguided because they do everything against the teachings of their Prophet… celebrating Christmas is the way of Christians that they themselves invented, this is not the teaching of Prophet Essa Alaihissal aam. And our beloved Prophet Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam told us:

“Beware of the extravagan ce/exagger ation in matters of religion. Those before you have perished because of extravagan ce/exagger ation in the matters of religion.”

[An-Nasaa’ i]