Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Meeladi: Do u mean to say dat Eid Milaad-un- Nabi is a useless tradition?

Muwahhid: If this was a good thing to do then y did Rasool Allah Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam and his Sahaba not do it, was there any shortage of resources at that time… people who were celebrating two Eids, what wud hav kept them off from celebrating the 3rd one as well?

Miladi: Well there are many things that v have today but those were not there during the times of Sahaba, today we travel in cars and aero planes, you should then travel by donkeys and horses following the Islam of Sahaba!!!

Muwahhid: My dear brother! Scientific inventions do not affect Islam, religious inventions affect Islam, Rasool Allah Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam said: “Whoever innovates anything in this matter of ours (i.e., Islaam), that is not part of it will have it rejected.”

[Sahih Bukhaari, Sahih Muslim]

So this makes it clear that every innovation is not bad and rejected but only that innovation is bad and rejected that has something to do with Deen and its affairs, and is practiced under the assumption of it being part of Deen and a source of reward, so all the innovation s that people have invented under the umbrella of Deen – all of the are rejected.

Meeladi: Then why do you celebrate the happiness at the birth of a child?

Muwahhid: There is difference between celebrating a happiness and being happy. At the birth of a child, every human being feels happy; naturally, not religiously! As far celebrating this happiness is concerned, for that Shari’ah has instructed to perfprm ‘Aqeeqah on the seventh day… so for any matter where Shari’ah gives any instruction then that’s part of Deen. Now you tell me has Shari’ah given any instruction to celebrate Eid on 12 Rabi-al-Aw wal or has it encouraged us to do so? Not at all. Also, at the birth of a child, the happiness is celebrated only once not every year. Is Rasool Allah Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam born on 12 Rabi-al-Aw wal every year? The happiness on the birth of a child is celebrated on the seventh day not on his/her birthday, and that too only once not every year.

Meeladi: They say that Abu Lahab freed his bondwoman on the birth of Rasool Allah Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam.

Muwahhid: That’s because he was happy on the birth of his nephew, he did not free his bondwoman because a Prophet has come to earth. If this was so much an appreciated matter then did Rasool Allah SalAllaho Alyhe Wasallam after announcing his Prophethood ever order to revive this action of Abu Lahab?

What Abu Lahab did was just celebratin g the happiness as per the worldly custom, the birth of child in any family is a cause of happiness, Abu Lahab’s freeing his bondwoman was not because he considered this day as Eid.

If Abu Lahab loved the Prophethood of his nephew then he would never have displayed the worst hatred towards Rasool Allah Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam and neither would have a whole Surah in the Noble Quran been revealed condemning his wife.

Then if we consider the action of Abu Lahab as a justificat ion for Eid-Milaad -un- Nabi then it mean that this Eid, though, is not a Nabawi- Sun nah, but it is certainly a Abu-Lahabi -Sunnah!

Meeladi: I have heard that there is some difference of opinion among the historians about the correct date of birth of Rasool Allah Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam, what is the reality then?

Muwahhid: It is the Will of Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala to not to allow them consensus in this matter, so that the proof of Islam’s true nature remains maintained , people remain saved from this Bid’ah…this is what we say that this day was never celebrated among the earlier generation s, it is a later innovation , if 12 Rabi-al- Aw wal had been celebrated in any capacity in the times after him, then all the Muslims would have been in consensus about the date of birth of Rasool Allah Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam.

Meeladi: OK let’s accept that the birth of Rasool Allah Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam was not celebrated among the earlier generations but now in the modern scientific age isn’t is possible to find out the correct date of birth of Rasool Allah Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam?

Muwahhid: See brother, there is consensus among all the historians on the date of death and that is 12 Rabi- al-Aw wal, but the modern research about the date of birth of Rasool Allah Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam suggests it to be 9 Rabi-al-Aw wal.. ‘Rehmat-ul -lil-Alame en’ by Qazi Suleman and ‘Seerat-un -Nabi’ by Maulana Shibli Numaani have all the account of this research.

Meeladi: Then where did this Eid Milaad-un- Nabi come frm?

Muwahhid: Well this is something that those who celebrate this Eid should be able to tell, however this is for sure that during the period ranging from time of Rasool Allah Sal Allaho Alyhe Wasallam until the time of Muhaddith Imams, it never existed.